Lecturer at American Jewish University’s School of Nonprofit Management

Lecturer for graduate course MGT 550: Cause Marketing And Communications:

In an ever-evolving, increasingly connected world—powered by media and technology, marketing and communications have become two essential areas of expertise for any business, cause or organization. In this course, students learn the all-important role of marketing within the nonprofit sector. Where theory meets practice, students develop an applied, practical toolkit that they will be able to utilize in the professional non-profit world today and beyond.

The class covers an array of marketing topics, from brand storytelling and content development to social media tactics and audience research. Class instruction will focus on proven techniques and methods for generating ideas, analyzing conversations and creating a compelling cause narrative to serve the non-profit world. In completion of the course, students will produce a final product (comprehensive marketing campaign) that they will be able to apply to either the non-profit organization they work in or a general non- profit organization of their choice.

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